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Who are you?

Bike Life are the cool guys that promote the cycling lifestyle, getting people excited about riding and sharing the lifestyle with a community of like minded enthusiasts.
Bike Life Finance is the leader in bicycle finance and is all about helping people get involved in this lifestyle, making the purchasing of your first bike, second bike, or that dream bike you have always wanted, an awesome and attainable experience.
Bikes are no longer toys. Buying a bike is an investment in a lifestyle, and we’re here to help you do just that.
We offer road bike finance, mountain bike finance and will also finance all your accessories, making it easy for you to embrace the awesome world of cycling.
Yes, we are registered with and governed by the NCR and abide by the National Credit Act. Our NCA registration number is: NCRCP 6741
So what are you waiting for?

Sounds like a great deal, how does it work?

Let’s face the facts. The gurus at the bank don’t see a bike as an asset. We love it, you love it and we want to make this work for you. So this means it’s a personal loan.
We have teamed up with all the players in the bike industry to make this affordable to you.

How much am I gonna pay? And are there hidden costs?

You will go through the normal application process for a loan. Normally this means an angry interest rate, but being the cool people we are, we are gonna shift you into an easier gear and you’ll only pay between 10% and 15% interest.
There aren’t any. All costs are in our documentation and are regulated by the NCA (National Credit Act) whoever you get finance from you will pay the same costs.

So does this mean I own the bike?

Absolutely! Its yours from day one.

Can I only buy a bike?

Nope. If you want to change your group set, buy some new shoes and get that cool wheel set you have always wanted, now is the time! Just add it to the price.

How long can I finance for and what is the minimum price?

Its your decision, 12, 24 or 36 months.
Nothing less than R10 000.

Why finance a toy?

Would you buy a bike on your credit card? That’s finance right… We just offer a cycling specific product at a competitive interest rate. Besides, we don’t see bikes as toys any more, they’re an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Got a gym membership? This is like a membership to the awesome lifestyle of cycling.

What next and how long does it take?

You dig us, We dig you.Spot the ride and kit you want and get a quote from the store. Send us an SMS to 45373 for pre-approval or go online to www.bikelife.co.za/finance to apply. Obviously there is some paperwork we will need to get through, but nothing you haven’t seen before.
If the bike is ready to roll and you have given us everything you need there is a good chance you can be on your new set of wheels. Typically this takes 3 days.

How it works

Apply and get pre-approved in minutes

Get quotation for your dream bike from an approved retailer

Sign contract

Go and fetch your dream bike

Responsible Lending

Our Commitment

At BikeLife Finance we are committed to lending in a responsible way, because quite simply, we feel this is the only fair way to lend. Treating customers fairly is at the heart of our business and this means designing products that give you value, understanding your needs, ensuring the way we do business with you is transparent and generally helping you to make informed choices.

Our Responsibility

Before we lend you money we like to be certain you can afford to repay it- meaning you’re always in control of your money.
Deciding what’s best is a tricky business, so we look at many pieces of information and use a variety of techniques to help us make the right decision. That means things like Credit Scoring, monthly expenses, employment and most importantly if you can afford it.
But it’s not just a case of putting a load of information into a computer, pressing a button and getting a ‘computer says yes’ or ‘computer says no’ decision – just as we have real people looking at your application, so we have real people using their judgement, experience and skill to make a genuine assessment of your ability to repay.
If we do lend you money we will always provide clear information at appropriate points and will keep you fully informed. We don’t like to turn people away, so if we decide not to lend money to you, it will usually be because we are trying to protect your financial health or it is too risky for us. And if we can’t help you, we’ll always tell you why.

Your Responsibility

We love seeing people obtain the credit to better their lives and we are unapologetic about it. We’ve said that we will be responsible but you’ve obviously got responsibilities too. So, before you ask to borrow money, it’s worth thinking about your own circumstances.

  • Can you afford to repay the borrowing?
  • What happens if your lifestyle changes and you find yourself with less income or more costs?
We’re not trying to put you off, but we both need to be happy – and we’d be irresponsible if we didn’t encourage you to think about it.
And if we say no, it’s because we think it’s for the best – so while it might be tempting to try and borrow the money elsewhere, it might not be the right thing to do. Always bear in mind the potential risks and the long term damage it might do to your financial health.

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Premium Stores

Address: 117 4th Ave Melville
Number: 0822208527
Address: Unit 529, Spearhead Business Park, Corner Freedom way and Montague Drive, Montague Gardens,
Number: 021 5528276
Address: Shop 28, Glenmarais Shopping Centre Cnr Dann & Monument rd Glen Marais Kemton Park
Number: 011 391 6912
Address: Cnr Lilian Ngoyi and Venice Rd
Number: 031-3122559
Address: Shop 404, Rooftop Level, Pavilion Shopping Centre, Westville
Number: 031 265 1581
Address: 141b Zastron Street, Bloemfontein
Number: 0514480422
Address: Centurion Gate Centre, Corner John Vorster Drive and Akkerboom Street, Zwartkop, Cen
Number: 012 663 2645
Address: 17 Main Road, Kenilworth, Cape Town, ZA
Number: 021 762 4472
Address: Cnr Main and Wellington Road, Durbanville
Number: 021 979 3622
Address: Shop 1 A, Willow Way Shopping Centre, The Willows - Lynnwood Rd PTA
Number: 0123483132
Address: Block C, No. 5 Main Rd, Bryanston
Number: 011 463 0040
Address: Atterbury Decor Cntr Windsor rd , crn of Atterbury rd. Faerie Glen PTA
Number: 0129934642
Address: Shop 12C, Willowbridge North Carl Cronjé Drive Bellville Cape Town 7530
Number: 021 914 7528
Address: 315 Lynnwood Road
Number: 021 362 1628/9
Address: 29 Voortrekker Rd, Krugersdorp
Number: 011 955 4342
Address: Lynnwood Bridge Centre, Corner of Lynwood & Daventry Roads, Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria
Number: 087 946 0571

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BikeLife Finance is all about helping people get involved in this cycling lifestyle, making the purchasing of your first mountain bike, second road bike, or that dream bicycle you have always wanted, an awesome experience.
Bikes are no longer toys. Buying a bicycle is an investment in a lifestyle, and we’re here to help you do just that.

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